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Tea and Coffee Time!

One of my favourite ways to spend my time is over a cup of tea or coffee with people I love. This collection is filled with pretty but practical pieces that make that experience even more memorable.


  • $58.00


    I love using a teapot to make tea, this one holds 5 cups, enough to share with a friend or two. Using a teapot makes a simple pleasure seem special...

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  • $25.00

    Sugar Basin

      This sugar basin can stand alone, but it looks gorgeous with the matching creamer

  • $48.00

    Large Rectangle

    This is one of my most versatile serving trays. I love Costco's carrot and Tuxedo cake, this tray holds them perfectly. It is also great for aspara...

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  • $30.00

    Honey Pot

    This sweet little pot is perfect for not only honey, but also keeps sugar or jam.  They come with a honey spoon and the cut out on the lid lets you...

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  • $22.00


    The perfect jug for a little serving of milk or cream. Looks so pretty with the matching sugar basin